Better Services

Maria believe it is important to residents to protect the quality of life we have in Basingstoke. That means local services need to expand before new houses are built, something that hasn’t always happened in the past.

“Over the past 5 years Basingstoke has secured £35million to improve our roads, including Black Dam roundabout. A new school is being built in Rooksdown, there will be more than a thousand new school places across the Borough and there are plans for a new critical care NHS Hospital.

In the next decade, we need to keep that investment going to ensure Basingstoke continues to be a great place to live. Continued investment in improving skills through apprenticeships and better university access for the most disadvantaged young people; improvements to our roads to ease congestion; cycle proofing all new major road schemes to encourage people out of their cars and onto their bikes; faster, longer trains to increase rail passenger capacity by 60% by 2049; and superfast broadband available across the area to increase business productivity and enable more people to have the option of working from home.

Help to Buy’ is already helping hundreds of people to achieve their dream of owning a home of their own, and the new ‘Help to Buy’ ISA will help many more.”