Investing In Infrastructure

Maria is consistently working hard to secure funding for local projects, so Basingstoke can continue to improve and remain a great place to live. As Basingstoke develops and grows, it is vital that investment in infrastructure is prioritised so that we can effectively manage an increasing population.​


With more people reliant on their cars to get them around town, it is important that heavy traffic build-ups are prevented. More than £40m has been invested into Basingstoke’s roads for key improvements, which has helped relieve traffic in hotspots and keep Basingstoke on the move.  Maria is determined to maintain vital investment into our roads.​


Demand for school places in Basingstoke continues to rise. Overall Basingstoke is receiving record levels of investment to expand its schools, with more than £33million being spent by 2019, which will continue to raise standards in teaching, leadership, and governance in our schools. It will also ensure all schoolchildren in Basingstoke are able to secure a place in a good or outstanding school and achieve the best start to their lives that they can.​


Maria said: “It is great news to hear about this important Government investment, which will help with the ongoing work to raise standards across our secondary schools. There is already some fantastic work underway and this funding boost will give added impetus to these efforts. I will keep in close touch with the education authority and our schools to hear more about their plans for this investment.”​


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