Basingstoke’s MP, Maria Miller met with frontline nurses as part of the Royal College of Nursing’s lobby of Parliament.  

Maria met with Senior Sister from Plymouth Hospital to hear about life as a frontline nurse and the fair pay campaign as part of the Royal College of Nursing’s lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 06 September.
Maria said “Our local NHS staff provide our local community with an invaluable service, and I believe that they should be well-supported accordingly. Fair pay is important for nurses across the UK.
The Government has had to make very difficult decisions on public sector pay. Limiting the annual public sector pay increases to 1 per cent, has preserved roughly 200,000 jobs, and ensured the NHS has managed to maintain high quality patient care, and recruit greater numbers of staff than ever before on a sustainable footing."

"I will be looking carefully at the public sector pay review body recommendations when they come forward in the coming weeks." Maria added.