The Government and the judiciary have to listen and act to help victims of domestic abuse, says local MP.

On Thursday 15 September Basingstoke’s MP, Maria Miller took part in a House of Commons Chamber debate on domestic abuse victims in family law courts. This debate was scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee following a representation from Angela Smith, Maria Miller and Peter Kyle.

The debate focused specifically on the findings of the Women’s Aid Nineteen Child Homicides report. The motion for the debate was "That this House notes the Women’s Aid report entitled Nineteen Child Homicides, published in January 2016; and calls on the Government to review the treatment and experiences of victims of domestic abuse in family law courts."

Maria said “ The basis for this debate is the findings of the Women’s Aid report, which are very disturbing indeed. The Government and the judiciary have to listen and act.

It is clear that family courts are regularly not protecting women and children in the way that we all want them to, and the way that the Government want them to. We need an end to the cross-examination of survivors of domestic violence by their alleged abusers. We need assurances that special measures will routinely be available in family court proceedings."

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