Local Conservatives select Maria Miller to be their Parliamentary Candidate

Maria Miller has been adopted by Basingstoke Conservatives as their candidate in the General Election on 8th June.

Speaking after being selected at a Special General Meeting of the Basingstoke Conservative Association, Maria said, "I am standing to be the strong voice Basingstoke needs in Parliament, with experience to get the best for our community. Basingstoke is a great place to live and I am dedicated to keeping it that way."

"Working with the Conservative Government and Local Councils, Basingstoke is now seeing long overdue investment in our local services: £35 million to keep traffic moving, a record number of new primary school places, a new Fire Station, a new Police Station and a newly launched Enterprise Zone at Basing View to bring even more good quality jobs here.

"This investment is only possible with a strong national economy and a strong, stable Government led by Theresa May. 

"Of course this election will also be about Brexit. My position is clear: at the Referendum the British people took a democratic decision to leave the EU. We now need to look to the future and support Theresa May to get the best possible deal for Britain. We can't allow some politicians to undermine that democratic decision and play political games with the future of our country. Every vote for Theresa May on June 8th will strengthen her negotiating position and mean a better future for our country."