Local MP gets update from Chief Fire Officer

Local MP Maria Miller called in at Basingstoke Fire Station in West Ham for an update meeting with Chief Fire Office for Hampshire Neil Odin.

Maria was briefed on the latest developments at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, including their collaborative work with the Ambulance Services, where firefighters are “Co-Responders”, responding to certain types of medical emergency to provide patient care until an ambulance arrives. They also discussed collaboration with the Hampshire Constabulary, including the co-location of their two headquarters at Eastleigh.

Maria said: “I was pleased to visit Basingstoke Fire Station again and meet the Chief Fire Officer for this helpful update. It was also good to meet some members of the Watch and thank them for the fantastic work they do to help keep us safe.”

“I was interested to hear about the Service’s progress towards recruiting more female firefighters. While the most recent intake of new recruits is more than 30% female, this compares to the current situation where women make up only some 7 or 8% of whole county Service, so there is clearly more to be done to attract women into the Service.”