Local MP leads Parliamentary debate to mark International Women's Day

Local MP Maria Miller, led a debate to mark International Women's Day in the House of Commons today. 

In the debate Maria called for a new Women and Equality Select Committee to scrutinise the progress being made to ensure women are treated equally to men in all aspects of life, a proposal supported by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament which Maria vice-chairs. 

Maria said, "International Women's Day was inspired more than 100 years ago by the need to achieve equality for women in the workplace. The debate today demonstrates that whilst progress has been made there is still more to do to ensure women have equal opportunity in all aspects of life.

"I have called for a new Parliamentary Select Committee to be established to make sure the House of Commons is effective as it can be in scrutinising  Government and getting the best for Women.

"The Leader of the House has given his personal support to a women and equalities select committee and I will continue to press for this important change."