Maria Miller MP visited Fujitsu to catch up on developments and discuss the company’s plans for Basingstoke and beyond.  
Fujitsu also outlined their Gender Diversity Action Plan to close their already decreasing gender pay gap of 16.4%.The company has trained their recruitment partners and hiring managers in 50:50 shortlisting and focussed on barriers that women often come across in the recruitment process. To overcome some of these barriers Fujitsu worked with managers to think about what new skills, backgrounds or personality types would help make their team stronger, This also involved taking on candidates who needed further development and training and to advertise the role as being open to flexible working practices. Results would appear to be positive as their Sales team saw a 4% increase in female representation. After, the successful implementation of phase 1, Fujitsu will now be expanding the 50:50 shortlisting to other parts of the organisation.
Maria also discussed the Modern Slavery Act Review and the company’s policies regarding practices and due diligence.
Maria commented,  “It was really good to meet with Fujitsu and discuss their vision in an ever changing technological  environment. I was struck by the company’s commitment to closing the gender pay gap and the importance of including flexible working practices to ensure that the gap continues to close. Fujitsu is also committed to enhancing links with the local community.”