Maria Miller MP visited St Mary’s Junior school to discuss the Connecting classrooms programme and meet with the school Council.
Connecting Classrooms supports partnerships between schools across the UK and those in developing countries, encouraging them to work on the Sustainable Development Goals together. It gives British children the opportunity to act as ambassadors and learn about the world, whilst providing training and resources for teachers and pupils in both the UK and some of the world’s poorest and most challenging places. The programme aims to help young people here and overseas to develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and, in the longer term, work in a globalised economy. St Mary’s school is linked with Uganda.
Maria then met with the school council who questioned her on life as an MP . They then discussed their role on the school council and the projects they had worked on.

Maria commented; “Being part of the "Connecting Schools" programme has directly linked St Mary's to a school in Uganda. This excellent programme has enabled these children to have a better understanding of the word around them and some of the challenges faced by children at school in developing countries. 
"I was also able to meet School Council members to discuss their work within the school and my role as an MP. We also discussed community issues in and around Basingstoke and covered a wide range of issues including litter, the environment and road safety.”