Maria welcomes the government’s commitment to ensure that working 30 hours a week on the National Minimum Wage is and always will be tax free.

Basingstoke’s MP Maria Miller has welcomed the Prime Minister’s clear programme for working people, social justice and bringing our country together announced during The Queen's Speech 2015.

Maria said “By cutting the deficit in half, Conservatives have provided Basingstoke families with help to recover from the recession: freezing Council Tax for five years, freezing fuel duty, cutting income tax for thousands of residents, with almost 4000 taken out of income tax altogether. There have been improvements to services too:  these include a new Rooksdown school, £35million for roads and plans for a new NHS Hospital.

I am pleased that as part of our long-term plan to back working people and make work pay, the government is determined to reward work by letting people keep even more of the money they earn. “

The government has already committed to raising the income tax personal allowance to £12,500 by 2020. Today the government is going further in its actions to offer more security to working people by confirming that legislation will be brought forward to ensure that future increases to the Income Tax personal allowance reflect changes to the National Minimum Wage.

This will mean that people working 30 hours a week on the minimum wage will not pay any Income Tax.

Increases in the personal allowance during the course of this Parliament are expected to benefit around 30 million working people.

The government will also bring forward legislation for a 5 year tax lock which means there will be no Income Tax, VAT or National Insurance rises in this Parliament.