MP welcomes comprehensive survey on secondary breast cancer

Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now have united to create one charity for everyone affected by breast cancer, with the aim that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live and receive the support they need to live well now.

Key to achieving this vision is understanding the experiences of the 35,000 people currently living with incurable secondary breast cancer. Patients with secondary breast cancer are included in the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey but it is currently not possible to use this data to compare their experiences with those with primary breast cancer, and therefore understand what could be improved.

Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now have launched the most comprehensive survey ever of those affected by incurable breast cancer in the UK, to find out about their diagnosis, treatment and support, as well as the impact secondary breast cancer has had on them and their families.

Maria said “I welcome the survey launched by Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer and encourage all constituents who have secondary breast cancer to take part. It is so important to understand insight and experience from patients with secondary breast cancer and ensure that improvements can be made to treatment and care in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Do you have secondary breast cancer? Help improve services and support by telling @BCCare and @breastcancernow about your experiences, here: