MPs Maria Miller and David Burrowes have led a cross party campaign, of more than 40 MPs, to make relationship education and relationships and sex education a compulsory part of every child's school education. Both have welcomed the Government's announcement that as a result of their campaign new measures will be introduced as part of the Children and Social Work Bill next week.
Maria Miller said, “The Government has listened to the overwhelming majority of parents and children who are clear they want relationship and sex education to be a compulsory part of every child's education. This means real change for children who face the challenge of dealing with a highly sexualised online world. Relationships and sex education will be a part of the Basic Curriculum followed by every school in the country and monitored directly by OFSTED.  The Government has been able to act because of the overwhelming evidence and the specific challenges faced by children in this internet and digital age." 
David Burrowes said, "I am pleased that the Government has agreed to our call for compulsory relationships education in all primary schools and relationships and sex education in all secondary schools. The education will be appropriate to age and religious background and will command support from a wide group of children and relationships campaigners and faith groups. It's a victory for our cross party, cross interests coalition but above all it's a victory for parents and children, and those vulnerable children who most need support to build healthy relationships."

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