Trust has to Support new Hospital to serve Basingstoke in our Borough not Winchester 

Local MP Maria Miller has said in response to recent media speculation about Basingstoke Hospital: “The North Hampshire Hospital Trust has to be clear about the realistic options for a new Hospital and moving it to Winchester isn’t one of them. Moving our district hospital to Winchester could never be an option. To allow this speculation to go unchallenged is misleading the people of Basingstoke.”
“I urge every Basingstoke resident and member of staff at Basingstoke Hospital to take part in this consultation to send a loud message to the Hospital Trust that Basingstoke and our growing population need a new Hospital building to serve our community in the Borough and to allow this incorrect media speculation to go unchallenged is wrong.”
The Trust is running a public consultation after having been named by the Government in September 2019 as one of 40 Trusts to get a new Hospital.