Local MP meets Bishop Challoner School Students to Discuss Environment and Climate Change

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller met up with students from Bishop Challoner RC Secondary School who had attended the Environment and Climate Change lobby in Parliament on 26 June. As it had not been possible to meet up with them at Westminster, Maria was pleased to be able to catch up on her recent visit to Bishop Challoner.

The students told Maria about the environmental issues that they were concerned about, including the need for more environmentally-friendly public transport, particularly greener buses, recycling and sustainability.

Maria said: “It was good to catch up with the Bishop Challoner students and I was really interested to hear their views. We had a thoughtful discussion of the role we all have in protecting and improving our local environment in Basingstoke as part of making a difference.”

“The Time is Now” lobby had been organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK, two coalitions combining more than 130 organisations, ranging from aid agencies CAFOD, Christian Aid and Islamic Relief to community groups including the Women’s Institute and environmental organisations such as WWF, National Trust and Friends of the Earth.