Local MP seeks assurance about the future of EU citizens who work in the local NHS

Taking part in the Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 1 February, Maria sought reassurance from the Prime Minister to protect EU nationals working in Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital in Brexit negotiations.

Maria said “EU nationals provide a vital and expert service in my local hospital in Basingstoke and along with thousands of others they face an uncertain future. I know this is something that the Prime Minister wants to give priority to in sorting out. Will we be hearing more about it in the forthcoming White Paper?”

“My right honourable friend makes an important point about EU nationals. I would like just to confirm my intention and expectation that we will be able to offer that reassurance to EU nationals living in the UK, but I do also want to see reassurance offered to UK nationals living in the EU. I hope and will be working to try to ensure this is an issue that we can deal with at an early stage in the negotiations. It was one of the objectives I set out in the plan, it will be referenced in the White Paper which will be published.  And I can inform my right honourable friend and the House that, that White Paper will be published tomorrow.”

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