Maria Miller has secured a debate on “Online Abuse” the floor of the House on 7 July 2016

Maria Miller MP for Basingstoke and Chair of the House of Commons Women and Equality Select Committee and Simon Hart MP have secured a debate on “Online Abuse” on the floor of the House at 11.30am 7 July 2016.

The motion for the debate "That this House notes the increasing number of cases where the internet, social media and mobile phone technology are used to bully, harass, intimidate and humiliate individuals including children and vulnerable adults; calls on the Government to ensure clear legislation is in place that recognises the true impact and nature of online abuse (as distinct to offline abuse); and puts in place appropriate legal sanctions (including criminal), police training, CPS guidance and appropriate education for young people.”  

Maria said “I know that this is a very important issue for many MPs and their constituents and I look forward to this important debate.”