MP Calls for Innovation in new Basingstoke Hospital Design

Basingstoke’s MP Maria Miller held a debate in the House of Commons on 4 February on innovation in hospital design following the announcement last September that Basingstoke Hospital was one of 40 identified by the Government for rebuilding. 

Basingstoke Hospital, a much loved building, built in the 1970', is reaching the end of its useful life and plans are already well advanced for a replacement. Original plans developed by Hampshire Hospitals Trust focused on a new, focused, Critical Treatment Hospital whilst retaining the existing Hospital building. As a result of the Government’s new announcement the Hospital Trust can now plan for the complete replacement of all elements of the Hospital. 

Maria said: “I welcome the Government’s recognition that our growing population needs a completely new Hospital to serve our community and the £5 million given by Government to the Trust last week will help pay for the important next phase of planning." 

“Basingstoke is already well advanced in its work. We already know that there is widespread support for a new Hospital amongst residents as evidenced by recent consultations. A site has already been identified by the Ambulance Service, near Junction 7 of the M3, as being best for saving more lives and Basingstoke Councillors have already given planning consent for the development of Hospital facilities on that site. Turning the idea of a Critical Treatment Hospital into a brand new District Hospital is a once in a generation opportunity which the whole community will want to be involved in."

”I called this debate today to get more information from the Department of Health on how we will ensure our new Hospital is the best design it can be."

“ Over the past 40 years we have learnt that the needs of the NHS and patients change over time, so any new hospital needs to be flexible to adapt. There is also a considerable body of evidence based research showing the benefit of good design on staff, patient recovery and environmental impact."

“ The Minister in her reply detailed the considerable benefit to patients of being treated in a new build Hospital with shorter stays and fewer complications recorded. I am pressing the Government to speed up their approvals process so that the benefits of a new Hospital serving Basingstoke residents can be in place as soon as possible."

“ Hospitals designed using natural sunlight, noise reduction, good quality air and views of the natural environment see shorter patient stays and the use of less pain relief. The location of a new Hospital near Junction 7 of the M3, in the countryside bordering the town would give Hampshire Hospitals Trust the opportunity to build a new Hospital that could become a template of good practice for others across the country.”

The Government’s Health Infrastructure Plan identifies 40 new Hospitals to be delivered from 2025.